The following are links to web pages featuring prominent scholars on the book of Hebrews. By "prominent" I mean anyone who has published a commentary, monograph, and/or numerous articles on Hebrews.


Allen, David Lewis. Dean of the School of Preaching, Distinguished Professor of Preaching, Director of the Southwestern Center for Expository Preaching, and George W. Truitt Chair of Ministry of the School of Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX. Personal web page.

Allen, David Mark. Tutor in New Testament and academic director at the Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham, UK.

Attridge, Harold W (1946– ). Former Dean (2002–2012) and Sterling Professor of Divinity at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, CT.

Backhaus, Knut (1960– ). Professor für Neutestamentliche Exegese und biblische Hermeneutik an der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Barnard, Jody. Independent scholar in the field of religious studies. Personal web page.

Bateman, Herbert, IV. Founder and Professor of New Testament Studies, Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies. 

Bénétreau, Samuel (1926– ). Professeur émérite du Nouveau Testament de la Faculté Libre de Théologie Évangélique à Vaux-sur-Seine.

Buchanan, George Wesley (1921– ). Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC. Another short bio.

Calaway, Jared. Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL. He taught previously at Illinois Wesleyan University and the University of Mississippi.

Casalini, Nello (1943– ). Taught New Testament theology and exegesis of the New Testament at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Jerusalem (1988–1995).

Cervera i Valls, Jordi (1961– ). Capuchin friar and Professor of Bible at la Facultad de Teología de Cataluña. 

Church, Philip Arthur Frederick. Senior Research Fellow, Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Cockerill, Gareth Lee. Retired Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Theology, Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson, MS. Personal blog. 

Compton, Jared. Pastor for Discipleship at Crossway Community Church in Bristol, WI.

Cosby, Michael R. Professor of New Testament and Greek, Messiah College, Grantham, PA. Personal Home Page. 

D'Angelo, Mary Rose. Associate Professor of Theology Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame.

Demarest, Bruce (1935– ). Senior Professor of Christian Theology and Spiritual Formation at Denver Seminary.

DeSilva, David A. (1967– ). Trustees' Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek, Ashland Theological Seminary. Personal Web Page. Another Personal Web Page. Biography and Selected Works. 

Dunnill, John. Formerly Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies and Chair of Theology at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. 

Easter, Matthew. Assistant Professor of Bible, Missouri Baptist University, Saint, Louis, MO. 

Eisele, Wilfried (1971– ). Professor für Zeit- und Religionsgeschichte des Neuen Testaments an der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. 

Docherty, Susan. Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism at Newman University Birmingham. 

Eisenbaum, Pamela. Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Origins, Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO.

Ellingworth, Paul (1931– ). Honorary Lecturer of New Testament at the School of Divinity, History & Philosophy of the University of Aberdeen and former translation consultant for the United Bible Societies.

Estrada, Carlos Zesati (1932– ). Member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, and Professor at the Instituto Superior de Estudios Eclesiásticos. 

Feld, Helmut (1936– ). Lehr- und Forschungsaufträge in Neutestamentlicher und Historischer Theologie an den Universitäten bzw. Hochschulen Tübingen, Reutlingen, Würzburg, Saarbrücken, Gießen, Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz. Personal web page.

Filtvedt, Ole Jakob. Postdoctoral fellow, Norwegian School of Theology, New Testament Department. 

Fuhrmann, Sebastian. Extraordinary Senior Lecturer, School of Biblical Studies and Ancient Languages, Faculty of Theology, North-West University, Potchefstroom-Campus and Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Senior Lecturer), Neutestamentliches Seminar, Theologische Fakultät, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany.

Gäbel, Georg. Research associate at the Institute for New Testament Textual Research, which belongs to the Department of Protestant Theology in the University of Münster, Germany. 

Garuti, Paolo (1955– ). Docente ordinario di Esegesi del Nuovo Testamento - Pontificia Università San Tommaso, Roma. Personal Home Page. 

Gelardini, Gabriella. Privatdozentin für Neues Testament an der Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Basel.

Gheorghita, Radu. Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Gordon, Robert Patterson (1945– ). Former Regius Professor of Hebrew, University of Cambridge, England (1995–2012).

Gräßer, Erich Ludwig Karl (1927– ). Von 1965 bis 1979 war er Professor für Neues Testament in Bochum, von 1979 bis zur seiner Emeritierung 1993 an der Universität Bonn. 

Guthrie, George H. (1959– ). Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible, School of Theology and Mission, Union University, Jackson, TN. Personal Web Site. 

Hagner, Donald A. (1936– ) George Eldon Ladd Professor Emeritus of New Testament and Senior Professor of New Testament School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA. He formerly taught at Wheaton College.

Healy, Mary. Professor of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI.

Hofius, Otfried (1937– ). Emeritus Professor New Testament at the University of Tübingen (1980–2002). He taught at the University of Paderborn 1972–1980, and was a parish priest in Siegen, Germany, 1965–1972.

Hoppin, Ruth. Web Page.

Horton, Fred L., Jr. Professor Emeritus of Religion at Wake Forest University (1970–2011). His Commentaries on the Revised Common Lectionary. Amateur radio operator.

Hughes, Graham. Lecturer Emeritus at United Theological College, Syndey, Australia and Academic Associate at the School of Theology, Charles Sturt University. 

Jewett, Robert (1933– ). Theologian-in-residence at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Emeritus Professor New Testament at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary (1980–2000) and former Visiting Professor of New Testament at the University of Heidelberg. Vita.

Johnson, Luke Timothy (1943– ). Robert W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, Candler School of Theology, Atlanta, GA.

Joslin, Barry C. (1973– ). Professor of Christian Theology and Program Coordinator of Biblical and Theological Studies at Boyce College, Louisville, KY. CV.

Karrer, Martin (1954– ). Professor für Neues Testament und seine Umwelt, Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel.

Kibbe, Michael. Assistant Professor of Bible, Moody Bible Institute, Spokane, WA. 

Koester, Craig R. (1953– ). Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of New Testament, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. Personal Web Site.

Laansma, Jon C. Associate Professor of Ancient Languages and New Testament, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. 

Loader, William Ronald George (1944– ). Emeritus Professor of New Testament at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. Personal Home Page.

Long, Duane Stephen (1960– ). Cary M. Maguire University Professor of Ethics, Southern Methodist University. He previously taught at Marquette University, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, St. Joseph’s University and Duke Divinity School. CV.

Long, Thomas G. (1946– ). Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching, and Director of the Early Career Pastoral Leadership Program, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Mackie, Scott D. Independent scholar. Blog. 

Manzi, Franco (1966– ). Lecturer of New Testament and Hebrew at the diocesan seminary of Milan (from 1997), guest lecturer in Old and New Testament in the Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Settentrionale (from 2000), in the Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose of Milan and in the Faculty of Theology at Lugano, Switzerland (from 2006).

Marohl, Matthew J. College Pastor, St. Olaf College. 

Mason, Eric F. Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Judson University, Elgin, IL.

Massonnet, Jean. Fondateur et ancien directeur du Centre chrétien pour l’étude du judaïsme (CCEJ) de l’Université catholique de Lyon. News article. 

McCruden, Kevin B. Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Gonzaga University Graduate Program of Religious Studies, Spokane, WA. Bio. 

McCullough, John Cecil. Professor of New Testament, Union Theological College, Belfast, since 1988, and editor of Irish Biblical Studies. Was Minister Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Antrim, Northern Ireland, 1966–1975; Associate professor, dean Near East School of Theology, Beirut, 1975–1983; and Professor, assistant dean Otago (New Zealand) University, Dunedin, 1983–1988.

McKelvey, Robert John (Jack). Former principal of Adams United College, South Africa, and former principal of Northern College, Manchester and lecturer in New Testament in the University of Manchester. Some biographical material can be found on his personal blog.

Michaels, J. Ramsey. Adjunct Professor of New Testament, Bangor Theological Seminary, and Visiting Professor of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary. He was Professor of New Testament, Gordon Divinity School and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1958–1984, and Professor of Religious Studies, Southwest Missouri State University, 1984–95; Emeritus, 1995–present.

Mitchell, Alan C. Associate Professor and Director of the Joseph A. Fitzmyer Institute on Sacred Scripture at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Web page.

Moffitt, David M. Senior Lecturer, University of St. Andrews Divinity School. He previously taught New Testament at Duke Divinity School and Campbell University Divinity School.

Moore, Nicholas. Assistant curate at All Saint's Church, Stranton, in Hartlepool. He teaches at Cranmer Hall, St. John's College, Durham.

Morrison, Michael D. Dean of Faculty and Instructor in New Testament, Grace Communion Seminary. 

Mosser, Carl. Professor of Christian Theology at Gateway Seminary, Ontario, CA. He was formerly professor of New Testament at Eastern University. CV. 

Peeler, Amy L. Associate Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College. Personal web page.

Pursiful, Darrell Jeffrey. Editor, Smyth & Helwys Publishing and Adjunct Professor at Mercer University. Blog: Dr. Platypus. 

Rhee, Victor S. Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Biola University, La Mirada, CA.

Ribbens, Benjamin. Assistant Professor of Theology, Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL. 

Schenck, Kenneth L. (1966– ). Professor of New Testament and Ancient Languages, and former Dean of Wesley Seminary, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN. Personal Web Page. Blog: Common Denominator.

Scholer, John Mitchell. was Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Lynchburg, VA. 

Schreiner, Thomas R. (1954– ). James Buchanan Harris Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Professor of Biblical Theology, and Associate Dean of the School of Theology, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY. 

Seid, Timothy W. Associate Dean of Distributed Learning and Assistant Professor of New Testament, Earlham School of Religion. Personal Web Page. Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Site.

Steyn, Gert J. Head of the Department of New Testament Studies, University of Pretoria.

Swetnam, James. Professor Emeritus, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy (1962– ), and Distinguished Fellow of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, Steubenville, OH.

Theissen, Gerd (1943– ). Professor of New Testament Theology at the University of Heidelberg.

Thompson, James W. (1942– ) Retired Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Theology and Professor of New Testament at Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX. 

Übelacker, Walter. Docent in Biblical Studies at the Center for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University.

Vanhoye, Albert (1923– ). Professor of New Testament Exegesis, Emeritus, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy, and Secretary of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. Bio. Another Bio.

Westfall, Cynthia Long. Assistant Professor of New Testament, McMaster Divinity College, Ontario, Canada.

Whitfield, Bryan J. Assistant Professor of Christianity, Mercer University.

Whitlark, Jason A. Lecturer, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, Baylor University. 

Witherington, Ben, III (1951– ). Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. Personal Web Site. Blog: Bible and Culture.


Aitken, Ellen Bradshaw (1961–2014) was Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Obituary. Tribute.

Baumgarten, Siegmund Jakob (1706–1757) was professor of theology at the University of Halle (1730–1757).

Braun, Herbert (1903–1991) war nach seiner Tätigkeit als Pfarrer in Friedrichshof (Ostpreußen), Lamgraben und Drengfurt seit 1949 Professor für Neues Testament an der Kirchlichen Hochschule Berlin. Von 1953 bis zu seiner Emeritierung 1968 war er dann Ordinarius für Neues Testament an der Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultät in Mainz. Another bio.

Bleek, Friedrich (1793–1859) was professor of theology at Berlin (1823–1829) and Bonn (1829–1859).

Bruce, Frederick Fyvie (1910–1991) was Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at the University of Manchester, 1959–1978.

Carpzov, Johann Benedict II (1639–1699) was appointed professor of Oriental languages at Leipzig in 1668, was pastor of St. Thomas' Church, Leipzig 1679–99, and professor of theology 1684–99. 

Craddock, Fred B. (1928–2015). Bandy Professor of Preaching and New Testament, Emeritus, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Bio. 

Davidson, Andrew Bruce (1831–1902) was Professor of Hebrew and Oriental Languages in New College, University of Edinburgh.

Delitzsch, Franz (1813–1890) was professor of theology at Rostock (1846), Erlangen (1850), and then Leipzig (1967) until his death. Bio 1. Bio 2.

D'Outrein, Johannes (1662–1722) was a minister in Oost-Zanen (1685), in Franeker (1687), in Arnheim (1691), in Dordrecht (1703), and in Amsterdam (1708), where he died.

Ebrard, Johannes Heinrich August (1818–1888) was professor of theology at Zürich (1844) and Erlangen (1847–1861).

Edwards, Thomas Charles (1837–1900) was a Welsh minister and first Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (1872–1891). 

Ewald, Georg Heinrich August (1803–1875) was professor of theology and oriental languages at Göttingen and Tübingen.

Guthrie, Donald (1916–1992). From 1949 until his retirement in 1982 Guthrie was lecturer in New Testament studies at London Bible College. Obituary.

Greer, Rowan Allen, III (1935?–2014) was a professor of New Testament (1966–1974) and Anglican Studies (1975–1997) at Yale Divinity School. Obituary.  Another obituary.

Groenewegen, Henricus (1648–1692) was a minister at De Lier, Delfshaven, Enkhuizen.

Harrington, Daniel J. (1940–2014) was Professor of New Testament at Boston College. Obituary. 

Héring, Jean (1890–1966) was Professor of New Testament at the Protestant Faculty of Theology at the University of Strasbourg.

Hughes, Philip Edgcumbe (1915–1990) was an Anglican clergyman and scholar. From 1947 to 1953 he taught at Tyndale Hall. From 1953 to 1956 he was Secretary of Church Society; and from 1959 to 1967 editor of Church Society's journal, The Churchman. In 1964 he moved to the United States to teach at American seminaries, including Westminster Theological Seminary. Another short bio.

Hurst, Lincoln Douglas (1946–2008) was professor at the University of California, Davis and Fuller Theological Seminary. Obit. Eulogy.

Isaacs, Marie E. (1936–2016). Former professor and head of the Biblical Studies department at Heythrop College, London, and former minister at Heath Street Baptist Church in Hampstead. Obituary.

Käsemann, Ernst (1906–1998) was professor of New Testament at Mainz (1946–1951), Göttingen (1951–1959), and Tübingen (1959–1971).

Kendrick, Asahel Clark (1809–1895) was professor of Greek language and literature at the University of Rochester (1850–1895) and taught biblical literature at Rochester Theological Seminary. Bio.

Kistemaker, Simon J. Was Professor of Bible and Languages, Dordt College (1963–1971) and Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL (1971–2011). Obituary.

Klee, Heinrich (1800–1840) was professor of exegesis, ecclesiastical history, and philosophy at Mainz (1824) and professor of theology at Bonn (1829).

Kühnöl, Christian Gottlieb (1768–1841) became professor of philosophy at Leipzig (1790) and curator of the University library (1793).  He became professor of eloquence and poetry at Giessen and professor of theology at Leipzig (1801).  He concluded his career as professor of theology at Halle (1809–1840).  Another bio.

Lightfoot, Neil R. (1929–2012). Former Frank & Della Pack Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX. Obituary

Lindars, Barnabas (1923–1991) was a lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge (1961–1978), and Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at Manchester (1978–1990).

Lowrie, Samuel Thompson (1835–1924) was a Presbyterian pastor for several churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis at Western Theological Seminary (1874–1878), and chaplain of the Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia.

Macknight, James (1721–1800) was a ministerial assistant as Gorbals in Glasgow, and Kilwinnig, and minister of Maybole in Ayrshire (1753), Jedburgh (1769), and Edinburgh (1773).

Manson, William (1882–1958) was professor of New Testament and Biblical Criticism in the University of Edinburgh (1925–1952). Obituary. Bio. Papers.

Ménégoz, Eugène (1838–1921) was a Lutheran pastor and then professor with the Protestant Faculty of Theology in Paris at the Sorbonne, 1877–1909. 

Michaelis, Johann David (1717–1791) was a biblical scholar and teacher who taught at Halle (1739) and Göttingen (1745) until his death.

Michel, Otto (1903–1993) was Professor of New Testament at the University of Tübingen.

Milligan, George (1860-1934) was Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at the University of Glasgow (1910–1932).

Moffatt, James (1870–1944) was Professor of Greek and New Testament Exegesis at Mansfield College, Oxford (1911–1915), Professor of Church History at the United Free Church College, Glasgow (1915–1927), and Washburn Professor of Church History at the Union Theological Seminary, New York (1927–1939).  Another bio.

Montefiore, Hugh William (1920–2005) was Vicar of the Church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge, from 1963 to 1970, Bishop of Kingston upon Thames from 1970 to 1978, and Bishop of Birmingham from 1978 to 1987. Obit. Obit 2. Obit 3.

Morris, Leon (1914–2006) was Warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge (1960–64) and Principal of Ridley College in Melbourne (1964–1979), Australia.

Riehm, Eduard Karl August (1830–1888) was professor at Heidelburg (1858–1862) and Halle (1862– ).

Rissi, Mathias (1920–2006) was Professor of New Testament, Union Theological Seminary in Virginia (1963–1987). Obituary.

Schlatter, Adolf (1852–1938) was a pastor (1875–1880), lecturer at Bern (1880–1888), and professor at Greifswald (1888–1893), Berlin (1893–1898), and Tübingen (1898–1938). Biography.

Spicq, Ceslas (1901–1992) was Professor of New Testament Exegesis at the University of Fribourg (1953–1971).

Steinhofer, Friedrich Christoph (1706–1761) was a Moravian pastor and theologian in Württemberg.

Storr, Gottlob Christian (1746–1805): was appointed lecturer at Tübinger Stift in 1772, and later became an associate professor of philosophy (1775) and theology (1777) at Tübingen. 

Strobel, August (1930–2006) was Professor of New Testament at Augustana-Hochschule Neuendettelsau (1965–1983) and then Director of the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in Jerusalem and Amman (1983–1992).

Stuart, Moses (1780–1852) was professor of sacred literature at Andover Theological Seminary (1810–1848). Bio.

Tholuck, Friedrich August Gottreu (1799–1877) was Privatdocent (1821) and Professor (1823 or 1824) of Theology at the University of Berlin and then Professor of Theology (1826) at the University of Halle (1826) until his death. Bio.

Vos, Geerhardhus (1862–1949) was Professor of Biblical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary (1892–1932). Biography.

Weiss, Karl Philipp Bernhard (1827–1918) was professor at Königsberg (1852–1863), Kiel (1863–1877) and Berlin (1877–1910). Another bio.

Westcott, Brooke Foss (1825–1901) was Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge (1870–1890) and Bishop of Durham (1890–1901).

Wilson, Robert McLachlan (1916–2010) was professor at St. Andrews, 1954–1983.

Windisch, Hans (1881–1935) was professor of New Testament at Leipzig (1908), Leiden (1914), Kiel (1929), and Halle (1935).

Winter, Aloysius (1931–2011) was a German, Roman Catholic theologian.